CAFU Car Wash

How to use it


CAFU is transforming car services to become simpler and smarter, by eliminating the hassles of car ownership. Through the CAFU app, you can refuel and maintain your entire vehicle or fleet while at home or at work.

How to use ? :

How to redeem CAFU Cards:

1- Download the CAFU app.
2- Fill in your details.
3- Pin your location.
4- Book a time slot.
5- Enter the card code that you got from Like Card.
6- Click on Confirm.

Terms and Conditions:

1- It must be used for the intended audience and purpose, and in a legal manner.
2- It may not be copied, sold, transmitted in any way or made available to the general public (whether posted in public form or otherwise), unless expressly permitted by Cafu.
3- It may only be used for new unique users, unless expressly permitted by Cafu.
4- It may be disabled by Cafu at any time and for any reason without any liability to Cafu.
5- It may only be used in accordance with the specific terms established by Cafu for such a promotional code and may expire prior to your use.

About LikeCard:

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