Faces Showrooms is the Middle East leader in the cosmetic field with more than 20 years of experience and a strong presence in the market. Faces has 85 branches in 9 countries, and has a remarkable presence in the field of e-commerce. Faces exhibitions are still witnessing continuous growth and are anticipating a global expansion in the near future. Being a leading cosmetics trading company in the region, it has made its team seasoned experts in the field of perfumes, cosmetics and skin care. The brand has experienced significant growth over the years yet its core values ​​have not changed and has continued to maintain originality and provide its customers with excellence in service and attention.

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How to redeem FACES cards:

This gift card is redeemable at any of the FACES stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Terms and Conditions:

1- This electronic gift card is valid for one-time purchase only at the full value, unless otherwise stated.
2- LikeCard does not accept cash refunds, refunds, or returns of goods.

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