Guild Wars

How to use it


Guild Wars 2 is a greatly successful MMO (and the sequel to the previous holder of the title) with a vibrant world and exciting story. Buy Guild Wars 2 2000 Gems and increase your enjoyment. Take a look at the vast selection of items in the ever-changing market, make use of the sales and recreate your character to your exact specifications.

How to use ? :

How to redeem Guild Wars card:

1- Enter the link:
2- Log in to Guild Wars 2 with the account where you want to unlock gems.
3- Open the Black Lion Trading Company panel. The default hotkey is [O]. You can also click the lion icon ( ) in the upper left corner of the game screen.
4- Click the "Redeem Code" link in the upper left corner of the Store homepage.
5- Enter or copy and paste your gem code into the field that reads: "Please enter your Gem code"
6- Click Redeem. Gems are delivered automatically once the code is successfully redeemed.

Terms and Conditions:

1- Use of this Gem Card requires the full Guild Wars 2 game, which is not included.
2- This card may be redeemed only in the US by persons age 13 or older.
3- Permanent internet access is required to play Guild Wars 2 and to redeem the Gem Card.
4- Player is responsible for internet fees. Acceptance of an applicable User agreement, which can be found at, is required for redemption of this Gem Card, use of Gems, and to play Guild Wars 2.
5- The redemption value for each Gem Card is based on the $25 at the gem exchange rate on the date of redemption.

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