KT Gamez

How to use it


The KT Gamez Pass provides numerous benefits, including:
1- Exclusive prizes to be won, ranging from iPhones, PlayStations, LED TVs, family vacations, restaurant, spa and events gift vouchers, and many more.
2- Winners of main tournaments will be featured on the leading newspaper along with their social media announcements.
3- Early access to new games and updates, prior to public release.
4- Winners with standout achievements and skills will be selected for Grand Tournaments.
5- Priority customer support.

How to use ? :

How to redeem KT Gamez cards:

1- Enter the link: 
2- Register if you do not have an existing KT Gamez account or sign-in.
3- Once signed in, click on your profile image at the top right corner and navigate to ‘Gaming Pass’.
4- Select the purchase option and enter your code to redeem the KT Gamez Pass.

Terms and Conditions:

1- Valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
2- Active KT Gamez account is required to use this code.
3- KT Gamez account will be credited with respective KT Credits.
4- KT Credits will automatically be redeemed to purchase KTG Game Pass.
5- Service, features, and requirements may change or be retired.
6- Game titles and numbers may vary over time.
7- Once purchased, the code is not redeemable for cash and cannot be resold or otherwise exchanged. Will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or otherwise used without your permission.
8- Expired Gaming Cards cannot be extended, exchanged, or refunded.
9- If you purchase or use this code, you agree to comply with all KT Gamez terms and conditions available at 

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