How to use it


Nintendo gift cards are prepaid cards that allow you to charge your account on Nintendo to enjoy games, products and all the features on Nintendo Store.
If you are into gaming, and a fan of Nintendo you don't have to worry anymore. we are providing you with prepaid Nintendo gift cards so you can buy all the exclusive games, and the new products from Nintendo and so much more.
Cards at different prices and packages.
Unlimited use.
Payment in safe ways with immediate delivery.
Order your card, pay and enjoy in the world of Nintendo games.

How to use ? :

How to charge Nintendo Shop cards:

1- Select the Nintendo eShop icon in the HOME menu.

2- Scroll to the left and select "Add funds".

3- Select Nintendo eShop Card Redeem.

4- Enter the code number that you got.

5- Select “OK” to complete the transaction.

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