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Shoe Mart chain of stores is the best place for family shopping, as it provides everything the family might need from clothes, accessories and perfumes for adults and even young children, in addition to the prices of products that suit everyone and the distinguished services of Shoe Mart.
With Shoemart Prepaid gift Cards, say goodbye to shopping hassles, and hello to easy and convenient shopping.
Shoe Mart gift cards are one of the most ideal and secure payment methods, because it enables you to buy all the products you want without facing any difficulties, and it is easy to use it in the application of the store or its website.
They are also available in different packages, and varying prices, to meet the needs of all shoppers.
Choose your card, pay in completely safe ways and get the card code, which enables you to shop with ease from Shoe Mart.

How to use ? :

How to redeem shoemart card:

1- Shop through the app or through the website (
2- Choose the product you like and proceed to complete the payment process.
3- At the bottom of the page choose Pay with Gift Cards.
4- Enter the 25-digit card number and 4-digit password.
5- Click on Apply.
6- Click on “Pay Now” and continue shopping.

About LikeCard:

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