Lords mobile cards

How to use it


You play Lords Mobile?
Then you must be seeking to unite the kingdoms of Lords, and rule them with an iron fist
With Lords mobile cards gift Cards, now you can.
Get your gift card, charge your account and enjoy all the features and advantages you need to rule.
Prepaid gift cards allow you to charge your account to purchase all resources such as wood, gold and others, in addition to weapons, characters, and all what you need to conquer your enemies.
Available in different balances and packages.
All you have to do is order your card now, charge your account and build your endless empire.
With Lords Mobile Cards, we give you the keys to defeat your enemies.

How to use ? :

How to redeem Lords mobile cards:

1- [Android / Steam]: Tap on [Gear] > [Redemption Code], and enter the code.
2- [iOS]: Upgrade your Castle to Lv.
3- Tap the top left icon just below the chat window to access the [Events Board] > [News] > [New Gift Code Exchange Center!]. Tap [Exchange Here] to access the Exchange Center and enter the code.

Terms and Conditions:

This product is valid for use in all countries

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