Mango | Qanz Gift Card

How to use it


Mango Man is Mango's men’s collection, aimed at the young man who is in tune with fashion trends. With offerings ranging from more formal and refined suits to more informal garments and accessories, Mango Man makes it easier to maintain the elegance required by the occasion.

How to use ? :

How to redeem Mango cards:

A MANGO card purchased with a LikeCard must be exchanged at any AZADEA Fashion & Accessories store for a physical Qanz Gift Card at the cashier (excluding F&B and KIKO Milano)

Terms and Conditions:

1- The Qanz physical card can be used in any AZADEA store (except KIKO Milano stores) and can be used in multiple stores, for single or multiple transactions, across borders (except Egypt) until the balance runs out.
2- This electronic gift card is only valid for a one-time purchase at full value unless otherwise stated.
3- Once redeemed, the physical Qanz Gift Card can be used for a full two years, after which the card will expire.
4- It is not possible to renew or extend the validity of the electronic gift card after its expiry.
5- There is no refund, refund or return.

About LikeCard:

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