UAE Steam

How to use it


Steam is a digital distribution and online multiplayer platform developed by Valve Corporation.
And in order to get the services of steam and all its advantages, players need to charge their account on Steam platform.
With UAE Steam prepaid gift cards, you can now recharge your Steam balance in order to purchase games and return to them at any time you want.
Cloud storage, and software installation automatically.
Voice and written chat while playing and much more of what steam platform offers.
Steam cards are available at multiple prices and different packages, all you have to do is order your card, pay and receive a code to charge your account and enjoy endless benefits on Steam platform.
With Steam gift Cards, playing has become more fun.

How to use ? :

How to redeem steam card:

1- Login to your Steam account.
2- Go to Redeem a 
Steam Wallet Code page.
3- Enter the Steam Wallet Code and click Continue.
4- The funds will be added to your account and be ready for use to buy games on STEAM!

ATTENTION: The card currency must be matched to your Steam account currency to be able to use the product.

Terms and Conditions:

This product is for Emarati Steam accounts.

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