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How to use it


What is google gift cards?
UAE Google play gift cards are prepaid cards to recharge your Google play store account. With Google play cards you can purchase apps, books, movies, music and unlimited survives on Google play store.
order now your card now, pay in safe methods and get the card code in no time , so you can purchase premium subscriptions, accounts, access to all the features of applications and games and so much more of google Play store services.
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How to use ? :

How to redeem Google Play cards:

Through the app:
1- Go to the Google Play Store and click on the side menu button.
2- Enter the payment methods.
3- Click on Use Code.
4- Enter the card code that you got.
5- Click on redeem value.

through the browser:
1- Enter the link
2- Enter the card code that you got.
3- Click on Redeem.

Terms and Conditions:

Please visit: complete terms. The user must be: (a) 13 years of age or older (provided that any user between the ages of 13 and 21 years of age must have their guardian's consent as required under applicable law); and (b) a resident in United Arab Emirates. A Google Payments account and internet calls are required. Redeemed balance is maintained by Google Arizona LLC’s (“GAZ”) affiliate, Google Payment Corp. (“GPC”), in your Google Payments account. The card can be used to purchase eligible goods only and cannot be used to purchase Google Play devices and certain subscriptions. Other restrictions may apply. There are no fees or expiry dates. Except as required by law, the card is non-refundable or rechargeable or refundable for cash or exchangeable or cannot be merged with other Google Payments accounts in Google Play, in addition, cannot be resold or exchanged or transferred. The user is responsible for the loss of the card. For assistance or to check your card balance on Google Play Gift Code card balance, please visit: Google Play Gift Code card is issued by Google Arizona LLC.

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